The 6 types of rest you need

6 types of rest
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    Hello! I hope you’re doing well! I find you with a personal development article that will do good for many of you at the end of the year. During my consultations, I intensely feel your fatigue and even a particular form of weariness while waiting for the holidays. I think it’s time for a better vacation or at least some time spend to yourself. So I wanted to talk to you about the  6 types of rest we need to be serene, fit, and fulfilled.


    Balancing our time alone and our time in society is essential. Social rest is essential to find yourself out of sight and give yourself the freedom to be yourself.

    When they are mastered and appreciated, moments alone allow you to rest while preserving yourself from the emotions of others.


    Painting, reading, playing an instrument, dancing… Creative hobbies allow you to put your mind at rest, develop your confidence and your self-esteem, work on your concentration, to evacuate certain emotions!


    We tend to forget it but the use of our senses, and especially hearing, makes our brain work constantly. City noises, horns, conversations around us, but also notifications of messages received on the phone or computer, all these “permanent stimulations form a cognitive overload and can be a source of fatigue”

    Here again, we will cut off his telephone but also the television, and the music. We will dim the light for a few minutes a day.


    It’s the one we know best. Know how to respect your sleep rhythm, get enough sleep, and take naps if necessary.

    What could be better than a sleep ritual to make your body understand that “that’s it, it’s time to go to bed!” “.

    Why not :

    Put a few drops of essential oil of lavender or lemon or petitgrain bitter orange on the pillow

    Do a cardiac coherence session at bedtime (with the RespiRelax application for example. It is free)

    In case of difficult sleep, take hawthorn tablets, a soothing plant that promotes quality sleep (you can find it in pharmacies)

    Drink an infusion of chamomile, lime blossom, or verbena at the end of the day


    It is also essential to 6 types of rest. To do this, you can listen to soft music and protect yourself from solicitations by deactivating notifications, for example, even by turning off your phone.


    We say “what is not expressed is printed”. I really like this sentence which represents the importance of externalizing our emotions. To do this, we must TALK, confide in a psychologist if necessary or simply in a trusted friend who will be able to welcome our emotions without judgment.

    A new scientific study from the Jama Network open indicates that having someone around you who is available and listens when you need to confide slows down cognitive decline. More precisely, it would be associated with greater cognitive resilience, that is to say a greater ability of the brain to function!

    I wish you a good rest!

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