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welcome to Air Health Fitness !

My Name: Hosneara Begum

phone number: +880 1981299384
Address: Nacirpur Kapilmuni Paikgacha
City: Khulna
ZIP code: 9282
Country: Bangladesh

Air Health Fitness is a multitude of lifestyle topics to inspire you on a daily basis and keep you up to date with the latest articles.

Air Health Fitnessis now one of the best resource that hosts more than a dozen lifestyle interests under one roof.

Health & Wellness, Fitness,  Mindset, Healthy Food, Healthy Recipes, Natural Beauty activities: it’s THE destination where you can find your demandable content.

Our passionate contributors present you with their best tips and favorite content daily. Among them are several experts to guide you in your many projects and questions, as well as web personalities always ready to unearth and demystify the trends of the day.

Even if my blog’s main purpose is to share lifestyles of all kinds, I know that it is essential to talk a little about yourself to give a more human and concrete dimension to these writings…

I don’t really know how to introduce myself or define myself because I am a person who likes to constantly discover, test, learn, question, progress, start over…

I am what is called a “  multipotential ”. I do not have expertise in a particular field but I am able to manage in many different fields! This feature allows me to adapt quickly, to be versatile and to always be on the alert!

Among my major centers of interest we find everything related to the “creative”, I love to play with shapes, colors, to create beauty, to sublimate … This is MY real passion : to seek out everything that can seduce in a wink ! I find it fascinating… It is therefore with great pleasure that I feed this blog but also my social networks in order to make you discover everything that for me improves and embellishes everyday life!

On the professional side, I am a Web Developer & SEO expert for the freelance web . I don’t want to limit myself to a single activity because I have so much to explore, so I’m also thinking about expanding my range of services (in digital) and why not do something around the “website development & website SEO” of projects or any other opportunity related to my skills!