What are the benefits of cherries?

benefits of cherries for skin
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    that’s it! We are in the middle of summer and the cherry season is in full swing! So, Here we will show the benefits of cherries for skin.. If you needed a good reason to eat it when summer arrives, here are a few!

    We often underestimate this fruit which is a real nutritional bomb.  On the one hand alone, cherries are among the healthiest fruits that exist, and on the other hand, they are very beneficial in terms of nutritional intake. Its greatest asset? It is very rich in vitamin C, which makes it an excellent ingredient to stimulate our immune system.  It has a great advantage: a portion of cherry is very satisfying!

    Do you know the virtues of cherries?

    It is a drupe or more commonly a fleshy stone fruit. It can sometimes be found yellow and the cherry blossom is usually white. More than 600 varieties exist, including Burlat and Bigarreau.

    Between May and August, cherries are harvested. This powerful source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds are found in cherries. Drinking cherry juice every day as a cure for four weeks can significantly reduce signs of inflammation associated with chronic disease.

    This tiny fruit also has a strong impact on people who exercise. Cherries can make body aches less intense. Muscle recovery and cellular wear and tear are also protected by them.

    Among the benefits of cherries for skin so need for us, regular consumption of cherries can also improve sleep, reduce bad cholesterol levels, relieve osteoarthritis, improve intestinal health, or even reduce the risk of a gout attack. Just that!

    A little history…

    The wild cherry tree or cherry tree, Prunus avium has been present in Europe since the Neolithic period, as evidenced by archaeological discoveries. The cultivation of the cherry tree for its fruit dates back to the 4th century BC, according to archaeological traces found in Asia. 

    The first cultures would be Greek than Roman. The cherry is said to have been brought back by Lucullus, after his campaign against Mithridates. In France, its culture and its use were democratized by Louis XV, who maintained a devouring passion for this shrub.

    Today, many studies seem to confirm the ancestral use of the stem of cherry against water retention, problems of weight gain, and dysfunctions of the renal system.

    How to use it and cook it?

    In the kitchen, you can use the cherry in all its forms!  Nothing beats a bowl of fresh cherries!  But, Other ways to enjoy their nutritional benefits also exist.

    Outside of harvest periods, we can use our freezer to store them and use them in all their forms, in smoothies, broken or mixed with oats for example…

    You can totally incorporate the dried and chopped cherries into melted dark chocolate. It is even interesting to sprinkle them on salads or cooked vegetables. You can also use it in the drink version, such as adding cherry juice to sparkling water for recovery.

    But it’s not just the fruit that is interesting, have you heard of cherry stems?

    How to take advantage of the benefits of the cherry tail?

    The benefits of cherries for skin are full of medicinal properties. It has diuretic, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties. The cherry peduncle remains an effective way to begin a process of general cleansing of the body and to fluidify our “moods”, the organic liquids of our body (blood, lymph…).

    In Traditional Chinese Energetics, the cherry stalk is prepared and used in several ways :

    • in herbal tea
    • in decoction
    • in capsules

    It remains important to respect the dosages, preparation times, and frequency of consumption.

    How to make the "homemade" decoction of the cherry peduncle?

    Cherry peduncle decoction is quite easy to make. In addition, it is one of the forms of preparations richest in active substances.


    For a liter of water take 4 tablespoons of the cherry stem.


    Dry your cherry stems in a ventilated place, away from light, and macerate them in cold water for 12 hours, if you have time, to soften them. 

    Then, pour them into a saucepan and bring them to a boil. Wait 10 minutes and remove from heat. Leave to infuse for another 10 minutes, covered, then strain. Your decoction is ready to be consumed.


    To take full advantage of its diuretic properties, its detoxifying action, and its antioxidant properties, it is recommended to consume the cherry stem decoction regularly. Between 2 and 3 cups a day.

    If you wish, you can add a dash of lemon juice or honey and some orange zest.

    Acting as a natural drainer, the cherry stalk facilitates the elimination of toxins that poison our organism and is of great interest in combating weight gain.  Cherry, on the other hand, strengthens the immune system and allows us to better resist various infections.

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