The power of loneliness

effects of loneliness on health
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    The effects of loneliness on health are some good and some bad. I am a loner. I like being alone at home, preparing a good meal, reading, watching series, doing nothing, thinking, letting ideas come. I like to walk alone, in the woods or in a city. Discover the places one after the other according to my desires without worrying about a third person. And beyond enjoying these moments alone, I really need them. I realize this more than ever at the moment, since I have just returned from a 15-day group vacation with 8 people. I loved these moments all together, laughing, sharing good meals and talking. But I’m happy to get back to my daily life and enjoy moments of solitude again. This is essential.

    Distinguish between loneliness and isolation

    First of all, I would like to draw your attention to the difference between loneliness and isolation. When loneliness is perceived in a negative way, it often actually refers to isolation and the suffering associated with the lack of social relationships. Isolated people have few or no social relationships, friends, close family and suffer as a result that effects of loneliness on health.

    Solitude is a choice, that of moving forward alone at some point and appreciating this state.


    Solitude is a state that allows great personal development since this space allows you to discover what you really love. What do we love, without an outside perspective, without social pressure, without wanting to please? We only discover it in the moments when we are faced with the moment, freed from external expectations.

    Letting go of the outside world

    Loneliness offers the possibility of a moment cut off from the world: we turn off the phone, no more text messages, notifications, permanent solicitations. No more external gazes, social pressure. You can let go, completely, and be yourself. Put on the music you like, really loud, and dance in your pajamas. Combine any item of clothing without worrying about “what will people say”, or on the contrary, make yourself beautiful without justifying yourself, eat when you feel the need, sleep as soon as your eyelids are heavy. We go back to basics for ourselves. And then comes the moment to ask ourselves: couldn’t we achieve this freedom to be ourselves, all the time? Even with others?

    Regain energy

    Be that as it may, moments of solitude are always conducive to recharging your batteries. We are no longer caught up in the concerns of others, the negative energies around us. For my part, I am hyper sensitive and therefore very receptive to the energies around me. I am a sponge. Moments of solitude are therefore necessary to calm me down, recharge my batteries and find myself.

    Develop your creativity

    Finally, I would say that solitude allows us to develop all our creative ideas. It leaves sufficient space for intuition, listening to oneself, desire and creation. It is in my moments of solitude that I produce the most content for the blog and my networks: recipesvideos, photos, articles…

    Creativity requires sustained attention and great concentration, more easily achieved in solitude.

    > What is your relationship to loneliness?

    > Do you manage to preserve your moments of solitude?

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