How to calm down an angry capricorn man when you are angry?

how to calm down an angry capricorn man
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    We all experience anger and irritation from time to time. For example, a supervisor has made a strict reprimand, a friend has refused to help in a difficult moment, a client has insulted us on the phone. In stressful situations, our emotions paralyse us and we lose control. This state can prevent us from responding adequately to criticism or making the right decision. We’ve put together six simple ways to help you, how to calm down an angry capricorn man when will be angry?

    Think about what angered you.

    Take a few breaths and analyse what’s really causing your emotions. Perhaps you are upset not the remark from the boss, but that you did not perform well. Or you are concerned about the problems in your personal life, so you overreact to any criticism from others. Understanding the cause of your anger can help you calm down, identify your own needs and take action. For example, analyse your mistakes and draw conclusions. 

    Step out of the room for how to calm down an angry capricorn man

    If your emotions are running high and you’re about to snap, it’s best to step outside and take a walk in the fresh air. This way you can collect your thoughts and get the joy harmone that reduces the tension inside. Don’t walk away silently, tell the person you are talking to that you need a break, and then come back to the discussion.

    Relax your body

    If you don’t have a chance to go for a walk, use the following method: tense the muscles of different body parts in order – legs, arms, back, abs – and then relax them. This way you can release the physical manifestation of your anger and gradually calm down.

    Distract yourself: watch a funny video, listen to music

    An unpleasant conversation is long over, but you still continue to wind yourself up, irritated and furious? Then you need a diversion, and a charge of positive emotions. Watch funny videos on the social networks, play your favourite music, read the pubs.

    Write out your thoughts.

    Write down all your feelings. Don’t think about it, get your feelings down on paper and then just throw it away. The main thing is not to write to your abuser on an instant messenger or in an email. The main aim is to reduce the tension and make your thoughts clear.

    Occupy yourself with pleasurable activities.

    Fatigue, lack of sleep, poor nutrition can also cause anger. In these cases, activities that make you feel good, such as a massage, a hot bath, a good meal or a long nap might help to restore the inner balance. Take care of your physical condition to replenish the resource. Anger and rage are sometimes necessary to defend and protect ourselves. These are important emotions for which we should not judge ourselves. But giving in to them and living in constant negativity is not the right thing to do, it is better to deal with the cause and continue to enjoy life.

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