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Planet fitness workout plan blog offers you advice and support for your sporting objectives, whether it be through our numerous bodybuilding programmes, to lose weight, maintain your weight or gain mass. Are you lost in the execution of your exercises? Go to our bodybuilding exercise sheets, to understand and learn how to perform the exercises safely, optimising your chances of muscular progress. It is our goal to assist you in your bodybuilding sports career. Whether it’s to stay in shape, or to gain mass with an adapted diet. You will be able to gain muscles with the help of our team! If you’re looking to buy bodybuilding equipment or materials you can go to this page. Here we give you advice on how to choose a squat rack to train safely at home. On each of our articles, you will find videos, texts, pictures explaining the subject. On our blog, we try to give you the most complete information possible in order to accompany you as well as possible in your sport, during your trainings, your diets,… If you see improvements to be made on some of our articles, you can send us an email so we can improve the quality of our advice for future visitors.


We accompany you in your progress in bodybuilding, which includes the basics of nutrition and training. To do this, we provide our sports friends with numerous files and bodybuilding programs, protein recipes while enjoying yourself! The objective is to give you the keys to reach your muscular and nutritional objectives (protein, lipid, carbohydrate and calorie). Do you have to take food supplements, what are the best food supplements for my goals? BCAA, Whey Protein? We demystify all these questions in order to bring you more knowledge and so that you can make the choice that corresponds to your muscular objectives! The last big part where the Fitness Life bodybuilding blog works is on the machine aspect of bodybuilding. We try to do everything we can to help you choose the best bodybuilding equipment for you (MARCY, Decathlon, Capital Sports,…). Or maybe you’re more suited to join a gym, depending on your ambitions and budget! Would you like to have a flat stomach for the summer, with visible abs, and don’t want to look bloated? Our programs and weight training sessions will prepare you for this time of year when many sports enthusiasts want to be dry, with drawn abs.