The beauty routine to have pretty skin in summer!

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    This week, I attended my first Beauty Class, organized by Garancia on the theme “  Preparing your pretty light skin for summer ! “ We were explained the different steps to have beautiful skin, despite the heat and allow it to restore its defenses to tan in peace. It’s topical, I thought it would be nice to share with you what I learned. This routine is performed with Garancia products but of course it works with any products of the same type!

    The class was led by Savéria Coste, the brand’s founder. In his family, everyone is a pharmacist over 4 generations. A long tradition for the passion for derma-cosmetics.

    I didn’t know the brand at all and I was charmed by the textures, the smells and the slightly magical names of the products “Aqua rêve-tu”, “Fée moi fonder” or “Ghost tear”. I was also impressed by the “Magic Pschitt”, a micro-peeling whose effectiveness is immediately visible. I did not like the slightly sticky aspect of the creams. You have to wait a long time before you have the “skin without cream” sensation (No jargon here, I prefer to speak to you in complete transparency)

    Ring, ring, the bell rings. All in the classroom.

    First step to have beautiful pretty light skin: make-up removal! I absolutely do this every night, but apparently 1 in 2 women wouldn’t. It is however the first beauty gesture to have clear skin. Even if you’re sleepy, take some time to remove your make-up. This step takes less than 5 minutes and will change the look of your skin.

    To remove eye makeup, do not rub. This area is very sensitive. Apply your micellar water to a cotton ball and leave for a few seconds before wiping gently.

    La recco Garancia: Enchanted Micellar Source. YUKA: 51/100 (Good)

    Then, it is advisable to regularly exfoliate or micro-peel to help the skin get rid of dead cells. Here I plead guilty. This is a step that I tend to zap from my beauty routine. The Garancia solution is the “magic pshiit”, a grain-free micro peeling with biological action. It is used once a day. You can opt for daily care like this or exfoliating masks that you apply once or twice a week.

    Recce Garancia: Magic Pschitt. YUKA: 100/100 (Excellent)

    Hydrate your skin deeply with a spray or floral water. It is a pleasant and very sensory beauty gesture.

    Recce Garancia: Aqua do you dream. YUKA: 100/100 (Excellent)

    On still damp skin, apply your moisturizer. As a result, the active ingredients are able to penetrate into the body more effectively.

    For my part, I use a day cream with a high sun protection factor , in summer as in winter! This slows down skin aging. The “sunscreen” step was not in the routine proposed during the Beauty Class but I find it essential. Don’t go out without sunscreen (For my part, I always have a small tube, index 50, in my purse!)

    La recco Garancia: Devilish Tomato. YUKA: 100/100 (Excellent)

    We finish with an eye contour to “pimp” the look. Our eyes are constantly weakened by our environment: wind, pollution, make-up and the sun in summer. It is essential to pamper them. Apply an eye contour to hydrate and soothe the skin. It also helps reduce puffiness and dark circles. Apply by patting from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner, under the eye and on the mobile eyelid to well hydrate the sensitive skin around the eyes.

    Recce Garancia: Ghost Tears. YUKA: 86/100 (Excellent)

    For the body , it’s simple, there are two simple and essential steps:

    The first is very important: micro peeling . It will allow cell renewal, as on the face. The skin texture is prettier afterwards.

    The Garancia recce: Pschitt Magique Corps. YUKA: 93/100 (Excellent)

    For the second step, it’s up to you: a good moisturizer or a firming treatment !

    The recce Garancia: Fairy me melt – The Night. YUKA: 73/100 (good)

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