5 habits that will solve 80% of your problems!

the high 5 habit summary
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    There are some habits that directly affect the way we handle our daily problems: appeasement, self-confidence, and a more positive attitude, for instance. The high 5 habit summary below help me achieve my goal on a daily basis. My daily life revolves around them! They play an integral part in who I am. The first 3 became “easy” and completely acquired for me. It’s a little less simple with the last two, but I’m working on getting them finished as soon as possible! 

    To plan the high 5 habit summary

    My schedule is planned almost 15 days in advance (sometimes more). I work on my own so I have to plan as much as possible to be able to reconcile in my agenda: naturopathic appointments, content creation, writing my book, accounting, crossfit, personal time with the people I I like. I also plan my “to do” the day before for the next day. In this way, I do not attack the day in the vagueness. I know precisely what I have to do and I am more productive. 

    In general, planning makes it possible to anticipate logistical issues, avoid moments of hesitation and therefore save yourself a significant number of problems!

    The 5 minute rule

    When a task takes less than 5 minutes to complete, I will do it right away. Doing the dishes, sending this email to Micheline, putting away the clothes lying around in the bathroom, reserving sports slots… Each small task that is not carried out immediately is added to a long list of small tasks that becomes a real mental load. Might as well get rid of it right away and lighten up your daily life by applying the 5-minute rule!

    The morning routine

    In the morning, I almost always perform the same actions: I drink a large glass of water from the bottom of my bed, then I take out my gratitude journal and write down in order: 3 things for which I have gratitude in my life and my intention for the day. Then I take my scripting notebook and write a page. Then I go down to the living room, I light a candle (so that those I love can see this attention for them from “up there”). Then I have breakfast, a shower and start my work day. Routine is a bulwark against procrastination. It allows you to get into the habit of taking action.

    know how to rest

    Says the lady who hasn’t taken vacation for 9 months! I am aware that this is a line of work for but I am telling you about it all the same because rest is essential to be in a good mood, fulfilled, full of energy, efficient and productive. With rest periods and a good night’s sleep, everything becomes easier. I take little time off but I try to go to bed early every night, to always have 7 hours of sleep, to play sports 5 days a week, always giving myself at least 2 days off. Everyday life is so much more pleasant and easy when you are full of energy!

    Let go of the mind

    I was thinking the following the other day: if really, we were 100% in the present moment, we would have three times less worries! By dint of projecting, anticipating, worrying about situations that may never happen, we go through a little cloud of imaginary anxiety every day. By reconnecting to the present moment, we realize that in reality, everything is fine. Well, “everything”, I don’t know… But things are less dramatic in reality than they can be in our creative little heads. Also, let’s practice coming back to the present moment and letting go of the mind as much as possible. We take a deep breath, we meditate if necessary and everything is fine!

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